Our Proposal


September 16,  2009
We were going to celebrate our 3 year anniversary by going out to Des Moines for dinner and a movie. Before leaving we were going to exchange gifts at my apartment. When Mark arrived he had a huge vase filled with 3 dozen red roses (a dozen for every year that we had been together) and small black bag. I was convinced that he was getting me an iPod but was a little thrown off by the bag. Sensing my presents were less exciting than his, I let Mark open his presents first (I had gotten him clothes, a belt, and cologne). He did not say much as he opened his presents and merely tossed them to the side. I was a little offended because I thought that he didn't like my presents, little did I know he was just nervous for what was about to happen! He handed me the little black bag and I pulled a black jewelry box out. When I opened the jewelry box, Mark got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said YES and immediately put the ring on my finger (which I now know you are supposed to let the boy do, but I was so excited I completely forgot!). We then headed to our romantic evening in Des Moines, calling and texting family and friends on the way.

I was completely surprised! It was perfect : )